Who We Are ?

HAMATek is a software development company that provides consultancy and state-of-the-art engineering solutions, helping entreprise clients of any size tackle their most complex issues in their digitalisation journey. We put our main focus on delivering best in class solutions for our clients.

FinTech Product Development

We are currently building a new innovative technology that will revolutionise the use of financial services in Africa. More details to come ...

Enterprise Software Development

We develop complex, reliable and resilient software solutions using the latest technologies and ensure a seamless integration into your existing landscape

IT Consulting

We take your business to the next level by providing you with advice for managing your software systems and architectures, building custom solutions, or driving innovation

IT Training

We boost your internal resources in no time by delivering you best-in-class training sessions and workshops depending on your business needs


We build our products and provide our services using the latest state-of-the-art technologies, consisting of Java, Apache Kafka, Spring boot and many more

Cloud Computing

The use of cloud computing facilitates the creation of scalable, flexible and resilient enterprise architectures

Big Data and Streaming

Aggregate data being generated at a high rate from different sources to gain real-time insights and act quickly to stand out among your competitors

Microservice Architecture

Decompose your systems in loosely coupled services empowering modularity and scalability that will benefit you in integrating heterogeneous and legacy systems

Distributed Ledger Technology

Create a distributed, tamper-proof log of sensitive transactions securely and efficiently by cutting down operational efficiencies


We are basically open and have already completed projects in many industries ranging from logistics to banks. However, our main focus and interests are within the financial services and fintech sector


Meet the demands of modern customers in innovation, speed and security with scalable and resilient financial technologies


Banks need to keep up the pace with innovative Fintechs since traditional banking rules no longer apply. They need to reimagine their business

Our offices

Our office is located in central Germany. However, we have plans to expand in new regions especially in Africa
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